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I know you have heard the phrase “remember the Alamo.” It is a story that illustrates what we, as men are all about. 187 men against the Mexican army of over 6000. They were extraordinary men, but they knew they couldn’t win with those odds. They had sent out pleas for help, but they had gone unanswered. At some point Captain William Barrett Travis realized that reinforcements would not arrive in time and they were sure to be defeated. In a stirring speech he explained to his men the gravity of the situation. He told them that they could surrender or fight and face certain death. He drew a line in the dirt and said, “as for me, I have decided to fight until I die. Anyone who wants to join me, step across this line.” All but one crossed the line. Those included Davy Crockett, and even Jim Bowie, the man who had commanded the volunteers, but had to step aside because he was suffering from pneumonia. He asked to be carried across the line on his cot.

They knew they couldn’t win. They fought anyway. And they all died. Because of that they are all heroes and thousands visit the Alamo every year.

Why did they do it? Why didn’t they all like that one, slip out the back during the night and get away? I’ll tell you why. Because a man loves that challenge. A man loves to give himself to something greater than himself if he can just find it.

Do you realize that is how this country was founded? When those men signed the Declaration of Independence, they weren’t sure we could defeat England. But they were sure that it was worth dying to try.

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