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Imagine what a person, who has been smoking for fifty years, what their lungs would look like. That's what we would look like to God. All black and chard, stinky and crusty. When you're a smoker it?s not apparent to those that do not actually see a cigarette in your hand but the destruction takes place on the inside.

The same is true with our lives we may not be able to tell that you are living in sin but on the inside your being destroyed, you feel like it's the world against you, you feel like there is no hope, your hurting, there?s no joy, there is no peace, your lonely, your searching in all the wrong places for someone to love you.

But I want you to know that if you smoke long enough the effects will soon surface to your face and body where every one can see it. Your face all wrinkly, teeth falling out and some of you even try to cover that up with make-up...

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