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I¡¦m afraid of spiders. Have been all my life. I come by it honestly, though, through my dad. In fact, all 3 of us boys and my dad are afraid of spiders.

My dad can capture rattlesnakes with a forked stick, then cook and eat them. He has no problem with blood or worms.

But spiders are another thing altogether.

If you want to see something really funny, get my brothers, my dad, and me in a room, throw a spider in there, and lock the door. We'd rather die than get close enough to kill it without using a flame thrower.

In my house, there is a very simple rule. If the spider is in the house, it dies. Simple.

Well, my kids have no problem with spiders whatsoever. And they take mighty big advantage of my arachnophobia sometimes.

A couple of weeks ago, my kids put one of those big rubber tarantulas in my bed. You know, the green and orange kind, that are obviously toys.

Well, I did the "ha ha" thing, and chuckled along with them, but then all of a sudden that thing moved and started heading toward the head of the bed.

I jumped about 2 feet in the air and screamed. It turns out my kids had rigged this thing with thread and my older son was down the stairs pulling the string.

The kids were howling with laughter, and I had to join them. They had really gotten me, I had to admit.

Take courage by trying something new, and being able to laugh at yourself.

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