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I had a good friend that pastored a church in the same town where I pastored. We had a very good friendship and often pent time together. We both loved to laugh.

The church my friend pastored was next to a local grocery store. The grocery store venders would park in the back of the property to unload their wares. Occasionally when several venders were in the back at the same time, the venders would temporarily park in the church’s parking lot.

This really angered the pastor, he talked to the store owner and demanded this parking stop immediately.

The owner agreed and gave notice for this to stop, yet the vendors continued on a regular basis.

The pastor would go over and tell the venders a piece of his mind.

I will be honest with you and tell you, the church used the grocery store’s parking lot every Sunday and on Wednesday.

The church’s lot was rather small, and the store’s lot was very convenient.

The pastor got more and more angry and decided to do something.

The pastor was a talented builder, so he laid the footer and laid a beautiful concrete block wall along the pavement to stop

the venders from parking there. There would be a block and a space, and the wall was beautiful.

The church people would park in the grocery store’s lot and walk around the wall.

But the wall was very effective, and it stopped the venders from parking there.

The pastor purchased a brand new Lincoln Continental Town Car, wow what a car.

The pastor’s wife was backing out of the church one dark, rainy night, and she backed right into the 10 feet high wall.

The wall crumbled from the force and crushed the car, and did several thousand dollars worth of damage to the sparkling new Lincoln.

See, the benefit of the parking lot was mutual, but the pastor let the venders become a thorn in his flesh,

seems his anger backfired! A little later the block wall came down.

Was the pastor right? Sure, it was the church’s property, but the motive of the wall was a SPITE FENCE?

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