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Sometimes there’s no substitute for being there in person.

One of my friends is a convicted criminal but he’s also very wealthy. He’s been sent down for a number of deception crimes and drug crimes.

This man never does anything for himself – he always pays someone to do it for him. He looses his driving license he gets a driver. He needs a dirty job doing – he hires someone. There’s worse but I won’t go into that.

Well a few years ago we went skiing with a bunch of guys. Many of the gang couldn’t ski so took lessons at the dry slope. Skiing is hard for beginners. It hurts, it’s exhausting, it’s easy to quit. My friend skipped the lessons that were booked for him with the group – too much bother.

The trouble is that when we got on the slopes he was hopeless and helpless. All the lads went straight up the mountain and had a week of great fun. He spent a miserable week sitting alone in the chalet watching TV.

Sometimes there’s no substitute for being there in person – like the shepherds at Christmas.

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