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Bob had just started his career in banking and was the lowest person in the bank with the title manager. ( Of course just about everyone had the title of manager. I suppose it made people feel important when they were speaking to him and it kept some of the flack away from the real manager )

One day the real manager had been invited to the very grand “Institute of Banking” dinner but on the day he was ill. The under manager was on holiday and the under-under manager was otherwise engaged so Bob was invited or ordered to go to the very important dinner to represent the branch.

At dinner he was seated at the table next to none other but the President of the bank – His Big boss – THE BOSS. And they engaged in conversation. “Well then young Bob” said the President, “so you are going to be one of my managers then eh?” Bob replied that that was his plan. “So what is the most important attribute that a manager can have?”

Bob saw his chance to impress the boss but this was a tough question.

“The ability to forecast the markets” – Answer “No”

“Spotting good investment opportunities” – Answer “No”

“Striving for the best customer service” – Answer “No”

“Being good with figures?” – “No”

This went on all night until Bob gave in and said to the President that he didn’t know but would the President enlighten him.

“Loyalty” came the answer

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