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Seems there was a talented young man in the Midwest. There were terrible fires in Yellowsont National Park burning thousands of acres. This young man was gifted with the camera and could capture the heart of crisis on film.

So a well known national magazine hired the young man to picture this disaster for their cover story. The young man packed his bags, his cameras and film and left on his assignment of the fires at Yellowstone National Park. The national magazine asked him to capture and show the heroic measures of the thousands of fire fighters.

When the young photographer arrived, he ran into a problem he had not anticipated for he realized that the smoke was so dark and thick, that it made it impossible to picture the scenes from the ground.

The young man called into the magazine office and sought permission to charter a small plane so he could take pictures from overhead.

The magazine made arrangements at the local airport and the call returned to him that a small plane would be waiting on the runway.

He jumped into his rented car and away he rushed to the airport.

There was a real young man sitting in a small single engine aircraft. As instructed, the plane’s engine was fueled, and warmed

for take off.

The young photographer had his cameras and film ready and threw all the gear into the back-seat of the plane. He closed the door and said, " READY FOR TAKE OFF!"

The young man proceeded down the runway. The plane was shaking and very rough. When in the air the Pilot asked, HOW WAS THAT?"

The Pilot SEEMED VERY NERVOUS as the little plane lifted higher and higher into the wind.

The young talented photographer had not experienced such a jerky flight, but he requested the Pilot to fly over the park. The photographer asked the Pilot to fly real low, near the fires.

"Why?" asked the Pilot. "Because I am on assignment, I am a photographer, and photographers need to be close to the action to take photographs."

The Pilot was very quiet for a few minutes, and he broke the silence saying, " I thought you were the flight instructor?"

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