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I heard about a man who always said “This is

good.” to everything that happened to him.

It seems that he went with his king on a hunting trip. He loaded the guns and the king shot them. Evidentially, he loaded one gun wrong and

when it went off it shot the king’s thumb off. Examining the situation, the friend said as usual, “This is good.”

Well, the king got mad and through his friend in jail. “No, this is not good.” About a year later, the king goes on another hunting trip to a area

where there are cannibals. The Cannibals capture him and tie his hands and feet and bound him to a stake to cook.

As they come near, they find the kings finger is shot off. Being superstitious, they never ate anyone less than whole. So, they set the king


As he returned home, he felt guilty about putting his friend in jail for a year. So, he goes to the jail and apologizes to his friend. He explained what...

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