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I set beside a tiny crib and watched a baby die, and the parents slowly turned to me and said, “Preacher, tell us why?” And I walked away from the nursery where still born babies lie, and a mother stretches out her empty arms and says, “Preacher, oh preacher, tell me why?” I saw a young girl’s burning tears and heard her lonely cry, as she held an unused wedding gown and said, “Preacher, oh preacher, tell me why?” I heard the cancer patient say, “Tis gain for me to die.” Then I looked at her husband crying and whispered to myself, “I wonder why?” I’ve seen a father take his life and the widow stands near by, and the little children say, “Mom, we’ll ask the preacher and he’ll tell us why?” I’ve seen a mother stand beside a little grave and cry, and though she never let me know I knew she wondered why. I’ve heard an orphan family faintly say as they gazed up in the sky, “Though mom and dad have gone away, I think the preacher will tell us why?” So I tip-toed to my Father’s throne, so timid and so shy, to say, “Dear God, some of your own, their wanting to know why?” Then I heard him...

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