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Abby and Nate have a ton of books at home and like Kelly and I to read to them quite often. A few of the books I just hate to read. One of them is “Angie’s Heavenly Journey.” It is a wonderful book about this little girl angel who shines some trumpets for the bgg angels and these are played to announce the birth of Jesus. The book talks about the love of God and the birth of Jesus in a wonderful manner. Your question of course, is why do you hate to read it with such a great message?! I have a problem (not really) because the little angel, Angie, talks to St Peter about the birth of Jesus! Talk about theologically incorrect! Actually it is a long and involved book and usually we don’t get to the third page before the kids are off doing something else. It’s for older kids I suppose.

One of the other books that I have trouble reading is entitled “Mommy is Always Near.” It centers on a barn and a small family of cats. It is nighttime and these three kittens wake up and find their mother gone. They get scared. It’s dark. It’s storming. They become very afraid of all the shadows and sacks of flower that look like monsters. At the end of the book, the mother cat shows up and says “don’t be afraid, mommy is always near!” And my thought is, yeah, if that’s so where were you the last 5 pages!

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