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The other day, Hunter my 6 year old shocked me as I came in the door. He said Dad, did the trash man come yet? I said, “I think so,” he said,” Good, I will go get the trash can and bring it in.” I thought, “ I am such a great leader, I have taught my son the responsibilities of taking care of and taking pride in his chores. I watched him run to the curb, and joyfully bring in the trashcan. As I was sitting eating my lunch, reality hit. Hunter comes up to me and says, “Dad, it sure is hot out there, do you think we can go swimming?” Now- I did not know, what just happened here? Was I being set up?- Was he only performing his chores because he hoped to gain something, or was he doing it out of enthusiasm?

When we react in obedience to God, is it because we are trying to set God up? Or are we obedient out of passion??-Pastor David Schaal

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