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There was a terrible earthquake in California many years ago. Thousands of homes were destroyed and the state was in chaos.

Many people were claiming the homes they lived in as their own.

The courthouse and all the titles and deeds were destroyed completely.

The gas lines ran under the court house, and the flames were so consuming, not one record was found.

This couple had lived in this house 15 years and they went to the judge to declare the home theirs. Another individual came forward and claimed the home was theirs.

The judge did not know what to do, the people had lived there 15 years and brought people forward to back their claim.

The other people brought little stubs where the people had paid rent to them.

The judge asked to see the peoples signatures?

The judge asked, Is this your signature on these rent stubs?

The people said, YES!

The judge declared the other people the owners of the home, even though they did not...

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