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Joy comes from doing what you were designed to do.

Have you ever driven a really cool car that was designed to run flat out on the road.

Years ago I took my 65 Ford Falcon on a trip up north – no cars – just deer and jack pines for hundreds of square miles. I took it up to just shy of 100 mph just to see if it would do it.

It did – front end shaking like the wheels were full of marbles; pistons whacking away at the walls of the engine like hammers banging on a metal shed. It was just a little scary and there wasn’t much joy.

Now with my wife’s yellow Mustang I’ll bet if I did that there would be great joy – till she or the police caught up with me! Why? Because the Mustang is designed to run that way!

We were designed with a purpose. We were designed to give ourselves to God and his people in service and life.

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