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There was a popular religious movement around the time of the founding of our country called Deism. Deism was opposed to Christianity’s personal idea of God. They believed that God created the world, but that he wound it up like a clock and then left it to attend to other things.

But that is a god who is too small to be God. Our God lives and he reigns. He is so personal he promises to live within us if we only ask him. He is so great he is involved in every detail of the ongoing process of life upon the earth. He designs every snowflake. He calls for the storm and then commands it to be still. He whistles to the birds, calling them to their winter home. And when necessary, he turns water into wine.

He holds the world together with his loving and powerful hands. He knows your name and he knows your need. This is the mighty God we serve.

SOURCE: Rodney Buchanan in "The First Miracle" on

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