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Some day Susie and I hope to build our “dream home,” but before we do we have to overcome some obstacles. First we need to talk together about the house we picture in our minds. We both would like to build a house, but I’m sure that the house I want to build is not the same as the house she wants to build. After we agree on the mental picture of what the house will look like, then we need to talk with an architect who can see the house we describe and draw the plans on paper. Next we will need a builder to take what is on paper and make it a reality. Once the house is built, hopefully it will be picture perfect; the house we pictured in our mind will be a reality. Unfortunately we may discover that not everything turns out the way we imagined. . .

Jesus said he would build His Church. Jesus won’t settle for anything less than a Church that is “PICTURE PERFECT.” Jesus won’t take any shortcuts to save time in construction, nor will He lack the resources to do everything He has planned. God is building His Church!

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