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Victor, a man in Jeanette Hoessel’s English-as-a-second language course, came from El Salvador. He asked her one day, "What does C-section mean?" Since Jeanette’s three children had been delivered by Caesarian section, she felt confident with her explanation, but Victor’s face reflected total puzzlement. "Do you understand what I’m say-ing?" she asked. "Yes," he replied, "but I am still confused." She asked him the context in which the word had been used, and he responded: "Yesterday, on my break, I was reading the newspaper. A co-worker asked me for the C-section, but I didn’t know what he meant."

You know, we sometimes get into situations that we just don’t understand what is meant.

Does that happen to you?

This morning, we return to our study on the gospel of John. We start today in chapter three with a man that doesn’t seem to understand Jesus.

What is ironic about this is...

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