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Membership has its privileges!

I carry a couple of cards in my wallet that give me certain privileges not available to the “general public.” First is my “Sam’s Club” card. It identifies me as a member at the warehouse superstore and enables me to purchase things for the church or at home for less than what I would pay elsewhere.

Second is my family membership card to the Cleveland Zoo which really saves us money! By purchasing a family membership, we spend less than if we were to buy a one day admission for the seven of us, but our membership gives us more than just a one day admission. We can return to the zoo as often as we like for one year. We also receive a 10% discount on purchases made at the zoo. The benefits don’t stop there. We can also receive free admission to other participating zoos all across the country. In addition we receive special invitations to “members only” events.

Membership is optional; it is a choice. Non-members of the zoo can still see all the animals; souvenirs are still available to be purchased. You can buy many of the same things available at Sam’s Club at other stores.

Membership has it’s privileges; it provides benefits not available to the “general public.” Granted anyone could choose to become a member at Sam’s Club or the zoo and get the same...

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