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A man boarded a train in St. Louis. He was looking forward to seeing family in California. He talked with other passengers about his family whom he had not seen. Some of his traveling companions told him about their experience traveling through California. When the man was told about the beauty of the mountains and the awesome splendor of the Pacific coast he just could not wait to arrive.

The conductor overheard the conversation and asked the man, “Are you wanting to go to California? Sir you can’t get there on this train; we’re going to New York City.”

Initially the man didn’t believe the conductor. How could he have gotten on the wrong train? Soon he began to notice that the train was in fact heading east. The day was coming to an end and the sun was setting behind him. The man intellectually knew he was heading the wrong way. Soon it hit his emotions and he began to cry, “Oh God, I don’t want to go to New York–I want to go to California!”

The conductor gave the man a ticket for the CA train and told showed him the door at the back of the car. “Sir if you take your ticket and exit through that door, you will be can switch trains and be on your way to CA.”

The will! Make the choice to switch trains!

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