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Well will I remember the graciousness of a camp director that I worked with 23 years ago who showed gentleness in a moment when certainly did not feel gracious. It was the last night of this particular camp and one of my campers headed barefoot to the bathroom in the middle of the night and cut him self on a grate that is used to cover a fire pit beside the cabins where we stayed.

Seeing a pool of blood on the floor next to my bed, when he had returned and told me, “Jim, I cut my foot,” I had my assistant counselor wrap the wound (he used about a ½ roll of toilet paper) while I went to get the director. Soon we were on the road, around 2 AM to the nearest hospital, about 30 minutes away.

We had not gone far when Brandon asked if the stitches would hurt. “No,” came the gentle reply from Reed, “they...

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