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There was a young girl, she was 14 or 15.

Her choir director was preparing the church for a state wide choir competition.

They needed to see who had the best church choir in the state?

The Pastor and the church were all excited in the preparation to win and be the best.

There were regional competitions, then they advanced.

Statewide all the church choirs had to sing the same two songs and the third song was of their choice.

Their local choir was very good. But the choir director had a problem.

One of the young girls loved to sing so much but she was ugly, fat, and often sang off pitch.

So the choir director asked this young girls friend, her best friend, to sit out of the choir and not to sing until after the competition was passed.

The choir director felt if there was any chance to win, they had to cut this one girl.

Both young girls were seriously hurt, and could not understand this cut?

In great anger the friend of the cut teen girl came into the home.

There was family visiting and they could not understand why the teen came in crying.

The teen girl declared that she would never sing at church again!

This cutting was unfair and mean to her best friend.

Her family tried to calm her, and tell her that she was the one making the wrong choice, to never sing again.

She could still sing for the Lord and not be in the choir. We can’t stop singing for Jesus, ever.

Well, the discussion got heated, she knew she was right, the family knew they were right, and they knew she was wrong.

She knew she was right. They raised their voices screaming at each other!

The young girl slapped one of the family members, and they raised their hand in self defense and as she pulled away there was a scratch on her arm.

She ran into the bedroom and cried for her friend and why couldn’t anybody understand her?

The family had enlarged her problem.

They didn’t mean to ... but the wound was there.

Seems everyone cried. The family knew they were right, but wow, was their timing off?

The timing was very poor.

The decision to raise their voices in argument was poor, and there was little wisdom there.

To this day, we know to never sing again was wrong. We must sing again.

You may be right, just the approach may be wrong.

We should listen more and speak less.

An hour or so later, the family cried together, and talked. They all apologized for how they had said what they said.

They cried together and talked about how a spirit of competition was not right in the church.

All the state choirs should have got together and sang together praising God.

The story does not end there. The girl no longer sings.

As the regional contests were held, there was hard feelings toward the judges, one church was mad at another church because they lost.


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