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And starting today, you are beginning to turn into adults. While your parents still are going to make a lot of choices for you, you are just beginning that Phase where you begin to make some life-changing decisions. You will learn that mom and dad won’t always be there to tell you what to do. I’m not always going to be there. When those forks in the road come, you will have to choose where to go. Some of these forks are pretty minor.

1. What should I do Friday night? Should I go to a movie, or go mini-golfing with my friends? It’s a choice, but a pretty insignificant choice.

2. What should I do about a car? Should I buy an old one that I can pay off in a summer, or should I get a nice new car that I’ll have to work 4 years before it’s paid off? That’s a choice, and it’s a bit of a bigger decision, because you could be strapped with a bad car, or with payments that you can’t afford.

3. What kind of person should I marry? That’s a huge choice, because you will be with that person for the rest of your life here on earth.

But today you come to a major choice in your life: Am I going to be a Christian, or do I reject...

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