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We recently watched a movie titled, “Behind Enemy Lines”. An American pilot is down behind enemy lines in Croatia, and trying to avoid search parties while making it to his pick up spot.

A professional assassin has been given the task of hunting him down, and this assassin has been required to take a member of the regular military with him. As they walk through the woods the professional is wisely looking at where he is putting his feet, in order to avoid booby traps.

The camera pans down to his feet and you see him pause slightly over a trigger sticking up out of the leaves, then widen his step to avoid it.

The poor soldier coming up right behind him is foolishly just plodding along daydreaming, and he steps down on the trigger.

Now he’s in a fix. The bomb won’t go off until he lifts his foot, but since the assassin didn’t want him along anyway, he just walks away and leaves the soldier frozen on top of this booby trap.

A few minutes later, after the assassin has gotten a few hundred yards further into the forest, an explosion can be heard from his back trail.

Folks, when we are careless and drift into the practice of walking according to the world’s wisdom, which to God is foolishness, we can find ourselves very suddenly in a fix that we cannot get out of without major hurt; to ourselves and often to those who love us.

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