3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Mary a Fijian woman in the Island of Vanua Levu was SO sick that she could no longer walk

But her husband carried her to the bus and they were heading for a local witch doctor in the

Last desperate hope that she could be made well. They had to change bus at the cross roads near the village

I was ministering at in a week long crusade and that’s where I first saw Mary so weak she was lying on a woven

mat in the shade waiting for the bus. I asked if I could pray for Mary and they agreed. The Holy Spirit gave

a wonderful vision of what he was doing and Mary for the first time lifted her head and began to sit up.

She lifted her head a fraction and Jesus did the rest. They decided not to go on to the witch doctor but stay for

the evening meeting that night Mary gave her life to Jesus and was totally healed!

I mean she was dancing and leaping and praising God. The illness had prevented the couple from having Children

Because she lifted her head a little... I want to tell you that 10 months later Mary gave birth to a fine healthy boy They had been trying for 7 years .. just one lift of the head to Jesus produced life!

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