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Kenny Chesney has a new song/music video out entitled, “There Goes My Life…” It’s a ballad focusing on the life of two young kids in high school that find themselves in a crisis moment of a pregnancy out of wedlock. (I want to say here that I’m not advocating the immoral situation of this young couple, but rather the interesting wording of the song.)

The video pictures a scene of this young couple standing in the entry way of a football stadium, where the young lady explains that she has found out that she is pregnant. He, in disbelief begins to reflect, rubbing his hand through his hair, walking off, sitting alone in the locker room over a decision that was made in an unguarded moment of passion.

“All he could see is his dream going up in smoke. What will I do in this time when all my planes are gone. There goes my life, there goes my future. My everything, might as well kiss it all good by, there goes my life.”

The song continues on by reflecting on the life of this little one now in the world. A couple of years have passed, and the mistake he’d made now covers the refrigerator door. He loves that little girl, as she walks up those stairs, she says, “I love you daddy, goodnight,” and he responds, “there goes my life, there goes my future.”

The song concludes when this same little girl stands in the doorway of their home, saying goodbye as she’s off to the coast for college, and he stands in the window waving goodbye, singing, “there goes my life, there goes my...

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