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When we think of Stewardship, we also must include time. One statement I remember hearing is that God desires, ten percent of our posessions, seven percent of our time, and one hundered percent of our time.

Deauville Walker wrote a biography of William Carey, who was a pioneer missionary to India. Mr. Walker putin his book the time record from a typical day in the life of the missionary, taken from his diary in 1806. His day might well prove an inspiration to our day and the porportion of it we dedicate to God.

Cary rose at a quarter to six, read a chapter from the Hebrew Bible and spent some time in private devotion.

At seven the servants came in for family prayers in Bengali, after which, while waiting for his breakfast, he spent some time reading Persian with a [local pastor]and then read a portion of Scripture in Hindustani.

The moment breakfast was over, he settled down to the translation of the Ramayana from Sanskrit into English.

At ten o’clock he went to the college, where his classes and other duties kept him until two p.m.

On returning to his lodgings he examined a proof sheet of his Bengali translation of Jeremiah until dinner time.

After this meal, assisted by the chief pundit of the college, he translated most of the eighth chapter of Matthew’s Gospel into Sanskrit, and then sat down with a Telugu pundit more fully to study that language.

At half past seven he preached in English to a congregation of forty persons,

At nine o’clock, "the service being over and the congregation gone," he sat down and translated Ezekiel 11 into Bengali -- which took him nearly two hours.

He wrote a letter to a friend in England; then, after reading a chapter from his Greek Testament by way of private devotion, he went to bed.

F. Deauville Walker, William Carey: Father of Modern Missions (Moody Press, American Edition, 1980), page 223.+ (Autoillustrator.Com)

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