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The CBS news program 48 Hours recently did an investigation into the children of some famous people and how they were influenced by what they saw from their parents while growing up.

Laila Ali grew up in a boxing family and revered her father, the world-famous boxing champion Muhammed Ali. Even after her parents divorced and she moved away with her mother she was still very influenced by her father. Not only has she taken up the sport of boxing, but she has the same cocky attitude as her father. She taunts her would-be opponents with short rhymes and metaphors just like dad.

One of her most notable fights came last month when she was pitted against the daughter of another boxing great Joe Frazier. The battle between Laila Ali and Jackie Frazier ended with the same conclusion as when their fathers had battled it out in Zaire in the 70’s – Ali beat Frazier. It is not just in the blood, however, it has more to do with whom you have your loyalties.

On the same program there was an interview with James Raymond. He too, is the son of a famous person. You couldn’t identify his famous father by his name, however, because he was adopted shortly after birth. He was raised by a California family who kept his adoption records sealed until he was 31. That was when Raymond discovered that his natural father is David Crosby...

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