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✎ Let’s imagine today is payday only instead of a check we are all given cash. What do you notice about the money we have all worked so hard for? It’s not enough right? No, M is not for “more” it’s for “MERCY,” so in your minds eye take a close look at your money, and what do you see? Regardless of the amount you were paid we all have an assortment of large and small bills (maybe even some loose change). What else do you see? Some of the bills are crisp and new while other bills show it has been used for awhile. In our stack of money we have all receive a $20 bill like this one. Although it is only 2 years old, this $20 has seen better days; it’s dirty and wrinkled with one corner torn off and a tear right in the middle. What is going to happen to that $20 bill when we take it to the bank? Thankfully, the bank will credit our account with $20, but that bill will be set aside and eventually taken to a paper shredder; it will be destroyed.

Our money and all the things we buy with it will one day be thrown in the trash, its value and use will be finished. Whenever you hold money in your hand it should remind you that nothing lasts forever; nothing lasts forever that is except the faithfulness and love of God; He does not change; His mercy is new every morning!

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