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What if I told you about a man who was struggling to give his tithe to the Lord; let’s call him BILL. He wanted to please God, but he just couldn’t see how he would be able to pay all his bills if he gave 10% of his income to the church. I told Bill some great news; a multi-millionaire–we’ll call him RICH–had made a pledge to help people just like him. I said, “Bill don’t worry! Rich has millions and has promised he would pay any unpaid mortgage, utility bill, car payment, or any other obligation left unpaid at the end of the month for anyone who tithed to the church. Bill if you come up short, just go see Rich and he will take care of it.” >>Bill was smiling. “You mean pastor if I go ahead and tithe I won’t have to worry about paying my bills? Rich will really help me out if I don’t have enough?” >>“That’s right I said. You know what Bill did? He wrote out his first tithe check right there on the spot.

Bill’s story may sound far...

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