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Becky Pippert used to be the evangelism specialist for InterVarsity. One time she told a story that helped us really understand God’s grace in the light of the Sixth Commandment. She led a girl to Christ. After this girl became a Christian, she began to agonize, feel tremendous guilt about the fact that she had had an abortion a number of years previous.

She went to Becky and laid that out to her and said, "I really don’t think God could love me. I realize that I have done wrong. I have broken God’s command. I don’t believe He could possibly forgive me for taking the life of my child."

Becky said the Lord gave her a word for that girl that ultimately enabled God’s grace to break into that girl’s heart. She said, "Sally," (not her real name), "you may think of yourself as a murderer, and you think of yourself rightly. But you were a murderer long before you ever had that abortion, and so am I. You see, both of us nailed Jesus Christ to the cross and killed him. Do you think, Sally, that God has forgiven you for that?"

And Sally said, "Well, yes, I...

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