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One contrast of heaven and hell tells of a man who had a dream that he was allowed to see both places. He was first taken to hell.

He was taken to a large room in the middle of which there was a large pot of stew.

The stew smelled delicious. But all around this point there were people who were starving and in desperation.

They all held spoons in their hands that had unusually long handles that reached all the way to the pot, but because the spoon handles were longer than their arms, they were unable to return the spoons filled with stew to their mouths. Their suffering was terrible and continuous.

Then the man was taken to heaven. Heaven was identical to hell; the rooms were identical, the pot of stew in the middle of the room was the same, and the spoons were the same. But, the people in this room were well-fed and joyous.

The man was...

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