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A Fly Doing The Impossible

Prop: Toy fly

I was driving down the road at about 75 mph on the interstate the other day and something happened that happens a lot unfortunately. There was a fly in my car. You know how annoying that can get with the fly just buzzing back and forth in the car. I was annoyed at first but than I became intrigued. I began to think that how lucky this fly was. You know it’s impossible for that fly to go 75 mph no matter how hard it flaps. The fastest fly ever clocked was going 24 mph. So this fly is going 3 times as fast as it ever could but the funny thing is he’s not doing anything in fact he’s playing and having fun in my car oblivious to the things around it.

That’s just like us with God when we get inside of Him we can do things we never thought we could’ve done.

Now it was interesting thinking about that for a while but than he became annoying again so...

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