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There is the pluralist group. This particular view is also held by more non-religious and nominally religious group in addition to some Christians in our culture. The pluralist view is this: Every religion is an equally valid path to make your way to the ultimate reality that is God.

I had an English professor in freshman year at Bluefield College, a small Baptist school in Southwest Virginia, who believed that and talked about her pluralistic views often in class. That was probably my first exposure to the pluralistic view—and this was not from some young liberal professor. This was an educated, learned woman who was in her 70’s who chose to keep teaching rather than retire.

In this pluralistic view, what’s true for you may not be true for me. Christianity is true for me because I’m an American, I was reared in a Christian home—this is my truth, but your truth may be different and they’re both equally valid paths to the same end.

Now I struggle in this area because I want to respect other people’s views and beliefs. But I think you have to be careful here because you don’t show respect to other people’s beliefs if you say, “well we are just saying the same thing.”

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