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Over the past few months Stephanie and I have had to do much planning for our wedding. We have picked out tuxedos, she has picked out her dress and the brides maids dresses, we had to determine who was going to be in the wedding and the list goes on and on. There are many things involved in planning a wedding

As I near the date in which I will be married I have learned many things about weddings. There are many exciting times in planning a wedding, but there are probably more stressful times. There is a lot of work involved, a lot of time consuming work.

One of the worst parts about planning a wedding is preparing the guest list. You have to sit down and think of all the people you wish to invite. It is so tedious to prepare the invitations, address them and get them ready to be mailed. The invitations are not the most fun part of planning the wedding.

We know, however, that God is planning a wedding too. In my opinion the greatest analogy of the church is the bride of Christ.

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