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MAX LUCADO, in one of his books, tells a story that he read about a newlywed couple that had a honeymoon disaster. They arrived at the hotel in the wee hours with high hopes. They had reserved a large room with romantic amenities. That's not what they found. Seems the room was pretty skimpy, no view, no flowers, a cramped bathroom, and worst of all, no bed! Just a pull-out sofa with a lumpy mattress. The next morning the sore-necked groom stormed down to the desk clerk and ventilated his anger. After he finished, the desk clerk asked, "Did you open the door in your room?" He admitted he hadn't and when he returned to the room, he did. To his shock, there was a large beautiful room with a spectacular view, a king sized bed, and an elaborate rest room. Why didn't he try the door? Why didn't he go down to the desk before going to bed?

I don't know, but I do know that there are millions today searching for a better life. What they don't understand is that Jesus is the door to this better life. We're like that desk clerk. We can point them to it by our prayers, our giving, and even our going.

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