3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Illustration: Car Radio. (I Kings 19:9-13 Elijah, still small voice). One of my Professors at Seminary shared about a time he was driving to a speaking engagement with his wife. There was a storm coming so he needed to listen to the radio to hear the weather report. But he also wanted to talk to his wife. So he turned the radio on low just enough to hear it in the background as he talked to his wife. Then when the key words "weather report" were spoken he knew it was time to stop talking to his wife and turn the radio up so he could hear the weather report clearly. In a similar way we need to make sure we have turned our spiritual radio on every day in prayer. As we start our busy day we are tuned into God with the volume on low so when he needs to get an important message to us we will hear the key words related to our need at the time. Meditating on the...

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