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That reminds me of a king, who went out hunting one day. In the forest, he was surprised to come across several trees which had targets painted on them, and in each of the targets, perfectly in the center, there was an arrow. “I must find this incredible archer and make him part of my special guard.” So he and his hunting crew went in search of their new quarry. Before long they came across a boy with a bow and arrow, just stepping away from another bullseye, perfectly struck.

“Come here, my boy,” called the king. “Did you really shoot these arrows, or did you simply stand next to the tree and drive the arrow in from close up?”

“I swear, my King, I shot from 100 paces.”

“Indeed! Then please join my hunting group, for you are an amazing shot! Please, tell me, how did you learn to aim with such precision?”

“I simply look squarely at the tree, hold my breath, and let the arrow fly… Then I...

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