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Your heart will have beat an average of 122,400 times every day. None of us want our heart to ask for a vacation or take a day off; we don’t even want to give it a short “coffee break” to skip a few beats. Doctors understand the heart is critically important to our physical well-being; it is so important doctors have developed the 10 commandments for heart attack prevention.

1. Thou shalt stop smoking.

2. Thou shalt control thy blood pressure.

3. Thou shalt reduce dietary cholesterol.

4. Thou shalt reduce dietary saturated fat.

5. Thou shalt reduce dietary sodium.

6. Thou shalt loose thy apple shaped fat distribution.

7. Thou shalt increase time to relax.

8. Thou shalt increase soluble fiber.

9. Thou shalt eat fish three times a week.

10. Thou shalt increase aerobic exercise.

The same principle holds true in our spiritual lives the condition of our heart impacts every area of our lives. Your heart is not just...

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