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Bob Kraemer of Campus Crusade Canada tells this story:

Over 1000 homeless people have now seen the movie, The Passion of the Christ, received evangelistic literature and a $5.00 voucher to McDonald’s through the ComePassion project in British Columbia’s lower mainland. The idea brought together concerned benefactors, career missionaries to the homeless and local congregations, in a tangible demonstration of God’s love.

That idea was shared with friends in Edmonton who rented out a large theatre in the downtown area. The night of the showing more than 600 homeless people came to the theatre. Prior to the film they were fed some snacks and after the film they were fed the Word of God. A former cocaine addict, now a minister to homeless people, who lived on the streets for years shared his testimony of how Christ changed his life . This was followed by a clear presentation of the Four Spiritual Laws. Almost 300 indicated they prayed with the speaker to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Among those in attendance was a lady who had been not only homeless, but hopeless as well. The fresh slash marks on her wrists testified to her attempt just the day before to take her own life. But after seeing the movie and responding to the invitation to accept Christ, she appeared hopeful, changed by the One who suffered and died for...

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