3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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This really illustrates the point of God’s Provision and how He works through us. I go to the grocery store and get a pie. You will have to try which one works best for you. I like to use apple or the frozen kind that leaves lots of left over crumbs and pieces in the bottom of the pan.

I take this pie and tell the congregation that this pie represents their paycheck. 1 pie equals what comes into your household. I walk down on the main floor with pie and giant spoon in hand. I have one of the people in the church standing by with small plates spoons and napkins. I beging to poll the audience and ask them how they spend their money. The first one to answer is usually the longest wait, but do wait. Let them answer, after all it is their money. I get all kinds of responses. Usually it is the house payment or rent. I then ask for a percentage and dig out an estimate of that percentage of pie and give to the one who gave me the answer. I never have a problem getting an answer after that. We go through several expenditures until the pie is gone and we just have crumbs left. I then take the crumbs and scoop them onto a napkin and give them to the pastor who I have named as our...

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