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There was a beautiful pedigreed cat that lived in a hugh mansion on a hill. The cat had everything.

The cat was warm in the cold winter, cool in the hot summer. The cat had a choice of food: fresh tuna,

beef, or pork. The cat ate out of silver dishes. The cat drank bottled water out of crystal glassware.

One of the master’s servants was assigned to give any attention the pedigreed cat needed.

Each night the owner would sit in front of the fireplace and read, and gently pet the cat.

The master loved petting the cat.

The cat would get so angry, seems the owner would always rub the cat the wrong way.

One day, in great anger, the pedigreed cat ran away from home.

The pedigreed cat was in the alley looking for food in the garbage can, when an alley cat came up

and asked the pedigreed cat, --- why are you in the alley?

The beautiful cat explained it had to run away, the cat could not take it anymore.

The alley cat said --- what can’t you take?

The beautiful cat...

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