3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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When I was young I had never heard of or even known about a bird common in New Zealand called the Spotless Crake. It wasn’t until I saw a picture in a bird book that I even knew that they existed. I began to read about where I might find one. And then I began to go to those places in search of one. And you know what? I found them.

If you care to read some scientific papers written in the 1970’s you will find my name attached to some of them.

The fact is they were right under my nose. But until I looked I didn’t see one.

In the Spirit, it is the same. Jesus said “To him who seeks he shall find.” I love to hear fresh revelation and wonderful flowing of the Spirit in meetings. But unless someone seeks this revelation... in other words, there must be a desire to see God move in this way.

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