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The largest church in this country according to its doctrine on sainthood has only one saint born in America, Elizabeth Seton.

C. She was decreed to be a saint in December 1974, accepted by the rite of saint-hood september 14, 1975.

D. the process:

1. She was first suggested for sainthood by a famous author.

2. This was followed by 17 years of close scrutiny of her writings.

3. 11 years of confirmation study by the vatican followed.

4. In 1936 the Sacred Congregation of Rites decided the way was now clear to proceed with the cause.

5. In 1940 Pope Pius XII made a formal announcement for formal initiation of her cause.

6. In 1957 (136 years after her death) the Sacred Congregation found her to be of "Heroic virtue."

7. Two verifiable miracles from her life time had to be found.

8. However after years of research, officials were able to produce a testimony from a sick construction worker who prayed to her in 1963 (142 years after her death) and was healed of meningitis of the brain.

9. Se was finally canonized 154 years after her death.

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