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I know some of you might have a hard time with it, but I really kind of enjoy living alone. Especially after being a middle-aged dorm student when I was in seminary. But there is one thing that I don¡¦t like. I can¡¦t blame anything on anybody. I mean, I have the dog, but there¡¦s a limit to what I can blame on her.

If the kitchen is a mess, I can't storm in self-righteously and mutter under my breath about how I'm the ONLY ONE who ever cleans up around here.

I can't look at the dog and say, "Would it KILL you to refill the ICE TRAYS after you've used up the ice? Would you like me to TEACH you how to put on a new roll of toilet paper?"

Except for bones and toys all over the floor, I just have to take ALL the blame for everything.

And I HATE that! I HATE admitting my flaws and failings.

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