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Dreary Statistics

• 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes --U.S. D.H.H.S., Bureau of the Census

• 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes --Center for Disease Control

• 80% of rapists motivated with displaced anger come from fatherless homes

--Criminal Justice and Behavior, Vol. 14, p. 403-26

• 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes --National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools

• 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions come from fatherless homes --U.S. Dept. of Justice, Special Report Sept., 1988

• 85% of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in a fatherless home --Fulton County Georgia jail populations & Texas Dept. of Corrections, 1992

• Translated, this means that children from a fatherless home are:

• 5 times more likely to commit suicide

• 32 times more likely to run away...

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