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“Critical Thinking With Being Critical!” Matthew 7: 1-5 Key verse(s): 1-2 “‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.’”

Chuck Swindoll tells a humorous but rather sobering tale of the other side of the coin, the flip side that reveals the dark side of judgement or, more aptly put, critical thinking out of control. “Several months ago I was conversing with a man I greatly admire. He is a Christian leader in a position that carries with it heavy and extensive responsibility. He said he was grieved on behalf of a missionary family he and his wife had known for years. the legalism they had encountered again and again on the mission field from fellow missionaries was so petty, so unbelievably small-minded, they had returned to the states and no longer planned to remain career missionaries. He said it was over a jar of peanut butter. I thought he was joking, to which he responded, ‘No, it’s no joke at all.’ I could hardly believe the story.

The particular place they were sent to serve the Lord did not have access to peanut butter. This particular family happened to enjoy peanut butter a great deal. Rather creatively, they made arrangements with some of their friend sin the States to send them peanut butter every now and then so they could enjoy it with their meals. The problem is they didn’t know until they started receiving their supply of peanut butter that the other missionaries considered it a mark of spirituality that you not have peanut butter with your meals. I suppose the line went something like this: ‘We believe since we can’t get peanut butter here, we should give it up for the cause of Christ,’ or some such nonsense. A basis of spirituality was ‘bearing the cross’ of living without peanut butter.

The young family didn’t buy into that line of thinking. Their family kept getting regular shipments of peanut butter. They didn’t flaunt it, they just enjoyed it in...

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