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This is how vision works with God. There was a businessman who lived during the depression. In one moment he lost his business, his family, his wife, and house. The only thing he had left to hold on to was his faith. While out walking one day he observed some construction workers building a stone church. One man had a triangular shaped piece of rock in his hand and was working with a chisel. “What are you going to do with that piece of rock?” asked my friend. “You see that space way up near the spire” he said, “I’m shaping this down here so it’ll fit in up there”. Isn’t that like God to shape our thinking, believing, following, obeying, doing, walking, talking, seeing down here among the mediocre and mundane so it’ll fit in up there where there is the vision of God waiting for us to catch hold of it? Up there to behold the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in his temple, i. e., to seek him. Up there vision is ripe for the taking by the one who has that deep abiding ache for it. You see this man’s friend had to come understand why he was going through this ordeal at this time. He left that construction with tears in his eyes and thanked God for the message from this construction worker.

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