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Do you remember the little girl from Canada that slipped into the backyard alone wearing only a diaper a couple of weeks ago?

It was –20 C. She ended up collapsing on the snow-covered lawn before being found by distraught family and friends.

The mother, who had been sleeping with the girl and a two-year-old sister in a bed at a friend’s house, woke up and noticed the youngest child missing. It took a frantic 45-minute search by friends and family to find the toddler’s body.

She was clinically dead, with no pulse and her toes frozen together. Her internal body temperature was less than half of the body’s normal level.

Allan DeCaen of Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital said, "I think to be fair I’m using the miracle word now. Whether you talk about it as a greater being, or whatever your personal beliefs are clearly something or someone was on this little girl’s side." Although doctors say it will be a few weeks before they can fully assess the damage to her fingers and toes caused by frostbite, they say she is responding normally.

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