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It is related that a boy was going down to the river for a little swim. As he was leaving the house his father said, "Be careful, Herbert; the river looks fair and sparkling, but there is an ugly eddy beneath that may prove too much for you. I have tried it and know it is dangerous. It nearly overcame me. Be careful, Son; there is danger." Herbert went on and was careful for a time, but the river looked so smooth and peaceful he soon ventured out farther. His companions, who were in bathing with him, admonished him to be careful. But he called back and said, "I can swim; there is no danger." So he ventured out still farther. But soon he was heard calling for help. The undertow had him. He frantically cried for assistance, but all in vain. He went down. So it is with sin. It may look harmless, but there is the undertow. -William Moses Tidwell

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