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Then, Psalm 91:4 states, He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge." There was a woman who took particular comfort in Psalm 91:4. One day as she was getting in her car, a man came up to her with a gun and ordered, "Get in the car!" She got in her car and he did as well. "Now drive!" he yelled. She began driving and was filled with fear. She wanted some comfort through this trauma, so she began recalling her favorite scripture, Psalm 91:4 and repeating it to herself. "His feathers cover me. His feathers cover me." She first said them to herself, then out loud, louder and louder. Finally, the assailant shouted, "Stop the car! Let me out! You’re crazier than I am!" Indeed, she rested in the protective wings of Jesus! Her response to Jesus was, "Cover me with your wings!"

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