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Illustration: The Bay of Fundy at the head of the St. Lawrence River is 110 miles long and 32 miles wide when it empties into the bay. It is a spectacle to see the currents of the mighty St.Lawrence rushing to meet the tides of the Atlantic Ocean. You would think there could never be anything that could stop the raging flow of the St. Lawrence. But every evening at the

changing of the tide the flow of the St. Lawrence can be seen slowing. The Atlantic tide comes in little by little at 29, 30 and 40 feet until it reaches a height of 70 feet. The tide pushes and pushes until suddenly it reverses the river and flows towards its source. It is at this time that huge ships can enter the St.

Lawrence River to gain access to the Great Lakes. I submit to you that it is time for the spiritual tides of God’s blessings to come in. If you have had faith, Parents what ever Satan does that seems so indomitable, remember God’s power is greater and His

tides always come in. I believe it is about time right now! God honors that kind of faith.

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